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Box 62: One Stop Shop of the Slough Borough Council, UK

The Slough Borough Councils' One stop shop is conveniently situated at a common place in the town at the Queensmere shopping centre. It deals with practically all queries about council services. The staff are trained and friendly. The one stop shop is open all days of the week except Sunday.
The Shop is able to give assistance on the following;
· Housing Advice - homelessness
· Housing Repairs
· Housing Allocations
· Housing Benefits
· Council Tax
· Season Tickets and Parking Permits
· Highway Defects
· Bus Passes
· Welfare Rights
· Tourist and General Information
· Orange Badges
· Rubbish Collections and Recycling
· Cash Payments, including Car Park Fines
· Consumer Advice

The Slough Borough One Stop Shop - Commonly asked questions
How do I register for Council Tax?
You could either ring the Council on 875323 or call in to the One Stop Shop to make sure you are registered. For written enquiries regarding council tax payments please write to Slough Borough Council, P.O. Box 1733, Slough, SL1 3YP.

What do I do if I lose my Council Tax payment book?
Either call in to the One Stop Shop and the Receptionist will be happy to help you, or phone on 875323 to ask for a new book.

What do I do if I'm struggling to make my Council Tax payments?
You could call in to the One Stop Shop to speak to one of the Advisers who will be able to talk over any possible entitlement to benefits and also liaise with the Council Tax Recovery section. Or you could call the Recovery Team on 875390 or 875391.

Where can I get advice about my entitlement Welfare Benefits?
If you want to find out about your possible entitlement to Welfare Benefits you can get advice from the Welfare Rights Team based at the One Stop Shop, or call them on 875399.

Where can I get information about children's' activities in the area?
Telephone the Children's Information Service on 787828.

How do I get a Bus Pass?
Slough Borough Council has a Bus Pass scheme for elderly residents (men over 65 and women over 60) and for some people with disabilities. To find out more, and whether you will qualify, call in to the One Stop Shop, or ring 787889.

How do I apply for a Blue Badge for Disabled Parking (used to be called Orange Badge)?
You can get an application for the Blue Badge scheme from the One Stop Shop Reception. The Receptionist will be able to advise you what to do next. Alternatively you could ring 690400 for information.

Where can I collect Dog Pooper-Scoopers?
Pooper-Scoopers are available at the Ground Floor Reception of the One Stop Shop free of charge.

How do I get a Resident's Parking Permit?
To apply for a permit, please go to the First Floor Reception at the One Stop Shop. The Receptionist will be able to explain the system and will advise you whether or not you are entitled to a permit. All you need to bring is some official identification showing your name and address (e.g., a Council Tax book, recent Gas/Water bill) and your payment of £10 per permit.

How do I get a Brunel or Hatfield Car Park Season Ticket?
Please call at the First Floor Reception at the One Stop Shop and the Receptionist will be able to help you.


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