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Global Meeting Havana 2005

Global Meeting Havana 2005
Achieving sustainable urbanisation- Innovations for local and global results
26th of June to 1st
of July 2005
in Havana, Cuba
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Looking for partners
The LA21 promotes city-to-city cooperation. Cities developing Local Agenda 21 are encouraged to establish decentralised cooperation arrangements with cities supported by the LA21 Programme. Read more about C2C
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Agadir was entirely destroyed by an hearthquake in 1960. Today Agadir has 750,000, 70% of which are coming from other regions of Morocco . Agadir economy is based on tourism, fishery and food processing industry. The city is competing with surrounding agriculture activities to access water resources which are being depleted at an alarming pace.

The Agadir Local agenda 21 Project was launched in 2002.

See a short presentation of the project

The main achievements of the Agadir Local Agenda 21 Project are as follows:

The Agadir City Environmental Profile was prepared in 2002.
Lire le Profil environnemental d'Agadir en français

The Agadir City Consultation was held on 27 February to 1st March 2003. This consultation brought together an average of 400 actors. During the consultation three priority issues were discussed:
o Improving the quality of urban services and the living environment
o Promotion of tourism
o Social integration in unplanned settlements

The Agadir City Consultation was concluded with the adoption of the Agadir Urban Pact setting the stage for new phases of the project.

Three intersectoral working groups were created around the three issues discussed during the consultation. Each working group brought together an average of 50 actors within extended working group meetings and 15 actors in reduced working group meetings. The working groups worked on the elaboration of issue specific strategies and action plans.

A training cycle was organised for NGOs and CBOs aiming at structuring them and strengthening their capacities to participate in the LA21 process.

On 20 and 21 May 2004, the Agadir LA21 strategies and action plans were debated during a City Consultation that attracted an average of 500 participants.

Lire le plan d'action de développement local d'Agadir en français (Première partie)

Lire le plan d'action de développement local d'Agadir en français (Deuxième partie)

Project Contact

M. Ouhajou Lekbir
Coordinateur Agenda 21 Local d’Agadir
Boulevard Hassan 1
Cité Dakhla
B.P. 799
Agadir, Maroc
Tel: (+212) 48 23 33 00
Fax: (+212) 48 23 33 00
E-mail: ouhajou@iam.net.ma