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A main task of the statistics work is the harmonization and standardization of the definitions and classifications at the national and the city level. Data collection, collation, analysis and reporting on national, urban/rural and city level is done on regular basis in order to monitor human settlement conditions and trends. Databases are being maintained and updated containing national and city level data; these databases are:
  1. The Human Settlements Statistical Database version 4 at the national level
  2. The Data house Version 2: 2001 Database
  3. Slum Estimates Data
    1. Table 1 : Population of slum areas at mid-year, by region and country 2001
    2. Table 2 : Population of slum areas at mid-year, by region and country 1990
    3. Table 3 : Relative variation, Annual growth rate, and year on which slum, urban and total populations will double their 1990 levels
    4. Table 4 Slum population projection 1990-2020 (based on slum annual growth rate (1990-2001))

Data are published and disseminated through the Compendium of Human Settlements Statistics, Statistical Annex to the Global Report and the State of the World's Cities Report 2001. In addition, an electronic publication entitled Human Settlements Conditions and Trends: Country Profiles and Statistical Analysis is put on the Internet. Household's projections up to 2030 are being produced for almost all the countries every five years.